Monday, November 16, 2015

Read It, November 2015, Progress Report 2

Well, it took me some time, but I finished The Long Ships. It is a big, sprawling epic work in every sense, and it ends well, with a treasure-hunt story. I recommend it, although it will probably take you some time to finish. Remember that there is no shame in setting a book aside for a while and coming back to it later.

I am now continuing with another book from the New York Review Books Classics series, The Rim of Morning: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror, which reprints two novels by William Sloane. I am about two-thirds of the way through the first one, called To Walk the Night. It's definitely in the "cosmic horror" genre, dated but fascinating. I'll have a fuller report on it when I've finished this volume. This book is not nearly as long a book as The Long Ships, but my reading (and blogging) time is limited this season, so it may still take me a while to finish it. Fortunately I have some vacation time at Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and so may be able to do a bit more of both. Happy fall!

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